French Polynesia August/September/October 2022

A trip where you can have a close encounter with a whale 10 minutes after leaving the dock.


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French Polynesia August / September / October Trips

Why Join This Trip:

Imagine being picked up by a boat directly from your hotel restaurant. A trip where you can have a close encounter with a whale 10 minutes after leaving the dock. A location that puts you in warm, clear water, takes 1/3 the time to get to than other humpback whale destinations, and costs half the price. A trip where the operator never cuts a whale encounter short. A trip where you are on a boat with a small group of people, 6 at most, compared to 20 people on the "day boats". This is the amazing trip that Scott Gietler experienced, and has put together for you to enjoy - a trip of a lifetime. Scott had whale encounters every day he was on the water. Snorkel only, no dive certification required!

On this trip, we have two different boats available. A smaller boat for a maximum of 6 people including the trip leader and a larger boat for 10 people and two guides. See the boat details for more information and the trip dates for when each boat is being used. 

Check out this awesome video!


To get a little insight as to what the trip is like, read the reports from our 2018 and 2019 trips, here! 

Mo'orea Trip Report 2019

Humpback whale season is from August 1st to November 1st. All trips are at the peak of the season.

Moorea Trip Report 2019 Moorea Trip Report 2019

Mo'orea Trip Report 2019 Mo'orea Trip Report 2019

Moorea 2019 Trip Report

Moorea 2019 Trip Report Moorea 2019 Trip Report

See more amazing photos from our previous Moorea trips here and here.


Choose from the following dates:


Photo Group Trip with trip leader: Erik Lukas - Smaller Boat


Photo Group Trip with trip leader: Erik Lukas - Smaller Boat


Photo Group Trip with trip leader: Mark Strickland - Smaller Boat


Photo Group Trip with trip leader Tommy Stylski - Smaller Boat and Larger Boat

OCTOBER 8 - 15

Group Trip with trip leader: Gill Flaherty - Small Boat

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Only $2,995 for 7 nights



Why Join This Trip? 

 ✓ Our whale boat stays out all day, taking advantage of time in the early morning, mid-day, and late afternoon when the other operators (i.e. half-day boats) are not out.

  ✓ We have selected a top-notch operator with a high level of expertise in finding whales and providing you the best chance of having a quality encounter in the water. Having an operator who knows how to get you a better whale experience is critical in Moorea.

 ✓ Our operator’s boat has a hydrophone which not only helps us to locate the whales, but also provides you the opportunity to hear these whales singing in great detail!

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 ✓ Small group size (max 6 guests on smaller boat, incl trip leader or max 10 guests on larger boat and two guides)

 ✓ 7 nights accommodation at Hotel Kaveka, twin occupancy in Garden Bungalow

 ✓ Lunch provided on the boat days

 ✓ 5 days on the water looking for whales, weather permitting, on a private boat with captain and guide and 1 day of rest to explore or relax.



 ✗ Breakfast & dinner are not included. Buying food at the grocery store can be inexpensive. Most restaurants will pick you up free of charge from the hotel, but the restaurants can be pricey. There are a number of reasonably priced places to eat within walking distance of Hotel Kaveka, including a pizza stand and a roadside grill. Lunch is not included on non-boat days.

 ✗ Upgrades to a single occupancy room

 ✗ Ferry ride to and from Moorea ~$30 USD round trip.  There are two ferry companies: Aremiti (runs 2 ferry boats) and Terevau (runs 1 ferry boat)

 ✗ Transfers between the airport and ferry, then the ferry and resort: There is a taxi company located right on the pier, and they charge 2.500 CFP for the cab that can seat up to eight passengers (roughly USD 25). There is also a public bus service that leaves from the pier upon the arrival of the fast ferries, and the price is 350 CFP per person one way (roughly USD 3.5). There is also the ALBERT TRANSPORT mini-bus shuttle which is also on the pier upon arrival of the fast ferries and the price person one way for this is 700 CFP (roughly USD 6.7) and you may book online at or 

 ✗ Tips

 ✗ Private guide

 ✗ Travel Insurance: click here to learn more about our preferred plan.

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Trip Type

All trips in AUGUST & SEPTEMBER are PHOTO GROUP TRIPS. They will be led by a professional or experienced photographer who will be happy to provide advice and guidance on all elements of your photography as required. The logistics of this trip mean that formal photography tutorials and workshops are not practical. 

What to expect from our Photo Group Trips

  • Photography support - Your trip leader will ensure that they spend time with everyone throughout the trip, providing advice and guidance on all elements of photography. If you have specific questions about your equipment, shot composition, or post-processing, they will be happy to support you.
  • Quality time with fellow photographers - You will meet like-minded divers or travelers with a passion for photography. Newer photographers will benefit from the experience of more advanced shooters, and those with experience can share their advice and tips with the group. 
  • Suitable for everyone - New and experienced photographers are welcome on all our trips. Gain the necessary skills to start shooting great photos, increase your confidence in finding the best underwater shots, or hone specific skills. We also encourage non-photographers to join, and do our best to split groups according to skills and interests. 

Enjoy free,  unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge and advice from your photo instructor.




Our OCTOBER Moorea Trip is a GROUP TRIP. It will be led by an experienced Bluewater trip leader who will manage the trip logistics and ensure your needs are met throughout. While this trip is designed to optimize your photography opportunities, it is not led by one of our photo instructors and so meaningful photography advice from your trip leader should not be expected!

What to expect from our Group Trips

  • Meet like-minded travelers - Our Group Trips are perfect for solo travelers who enjoy meeting other divers or photographers and enjoy the support of a pre-arranged itinerary. Your trip leader will arrange group activities such as meals or game nights to ensure everyone feels part of the Bluewater family.
  • Problems solved - Your trip leader will be on hand to assist with any issues you may have. From delayed or canceled flights, to lost room keys and dietary requirements. We have dealt with it all before and will ensure that your trip runs smoothly.

Enjoy stress-free travel with like-minded adventurers and the support of your trip leader.

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Additional Information

  • Please bring your own wetsuit and fins. There is no rental options on the island. A full 3mm wetsuit is highly recommended; many guests have skipped the wetsuit and gotten very cold when the weather got windy and cloudy.
  • We are not in the water all day non-stop. There may be long periods of time when you’re on the boat, just looking for the whales. 
  • Guests must be good swimmers for this trip. Due to local regulations, we are dropped 100m away from the whales and must swim at a brisk pace up to them from that distance. It is possible to hire a private guide to help you swim if you are not a good swimmer. Please inquire for more details.
  • Many guests have gotten sunburn even though there is shade on the boat, so all skin must be covered. We suggest a hat, scarf for face/lips, face gaiter, full skin or wetsuit, and plenty of sunscreen. 
  • Guests are required to be physically able to get up a small boat ladder on their own. If assistance is required to climb up a boat ladder, a private guide will be placed on the boat to assist you at your own expense.

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Smaller Boat Details

 ✓ Semi-inflatable 24ft / 7.5m boat.

 ✓ Smaller than most boats and carries less guests allowing for more intimate whale encounters

 ✓ Only 6 guests - exclusive experience

 ✓ The central area is open for gear storage and allows ease of movement around the boat

Moorea Trip Moorea Trip

Moorea Trip

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Larger Boat Details

 ✓ 31ft. / 9.5m boat

 ✓ Maximum 10 guests still allow for intimate whale experiences

 ✓ An extra guide to help look for whales and to support different swimming abilities 

 ✓ Fixed central seats for added comfort

Large Boat Large Boat

Large Boat Large Boat

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Flight Information

Guests will fly into and out of the international airport on Tahiti in Papeete (code PPT). From there, it is a 15-minute taxi ride to the ferry port where you can purchase a ticket on-site to cross the channel to Moorea Island (typically about a 45-minute ferry.) You can take a taxi or bus from Moorea ferry port to Hotel Kaveka, which is about 15 minutes away.

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Sample Itinerary

  • Day 1: International flight arrival at Tahiti (airport code: PPT), take ferry to Moorea, hotel arrival
  • Day 2 - 6: Look for whales 9AM-4PM (times are samples based on previous years and not guaranteed to be the same each year).
  • Day 7: Day of rest. Can be used to scuba dive the many sites around Moorea, explore the island, or potentially add another day of whale swimming (dependent on boat availability and agreement between all guests during the trip).
  • Day 8: Depart hotel, take ferry back to Tahiti for flight.

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Moorea Trip Moorea Trip

Moorea Trip Moorea Trip


About Hotel Kaveka

Family-owned and operated, The Hotel Kaveka offers incredible value for discerning travelers from around the world. Nobody knows Moorea better than the team of professionals at The Hotel Kaveka. Portable televisions with local reception are in the bungalows along with a mini-refrigerator and air conditioning. All the rooms included on this trip have air-conditioning, which is not available at many other hotels in Moorea.

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Payment Schedule

Deposit: $800

Payment 2: $1000, Due 2/1/22

Payment 3: Balance, Due 6/1/22

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Got Questions? Ready to Book?

Call Bluewater Travel at +1-310-915-6677 or email and let them book your dream vacation at the best price! 

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Photo Gallery  

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Moorea Humpback Whale Photos Taken by Mark Strickland

Moorea Trip Report 2019 Moorea Trip Report 2019


Moorea Humpback Whale Photos Taken by Scott Gietler

Humpback Whale in Moorea Humpback whale in Moorea


Moorea Humpback Whale Photos Taken by Eric Lukas

Humpback whale in Moorea Moorea underwater photo


Moorea Humpback Whale Photos Taken by Bryan Chu

Humpback whale in Moorea Humpback whale in Moorea

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