2023 Ocean Art Contest Winners

Winning Images from the 12th Annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest
By UWPG News

The Underwater Photography Guide is excited to announce the world's best underwater photography in this year's 12th annual Ocean Art competition.  This year featured thousands of entries from over 90 countries around the world! As we embark on another exciting chapter, Ocean Art 2023 stands as a celebration of ever-evolving photographic artistry alongside technological innovation.

Ocean Art could not have been possible without the help of our generous sponsors who were responsible for the largest selection of prizes ever in an underwater photo contest – with over $120,000 in prizes awarded! Please take a moment to check out our sponsors below and keep them in mind as you shop for underwater photo gear or dive travel.

This year's competition featured new rules to address the use of AI in post processing, as well as two new categories - Underwater Digital Art and Underwater Fashion. These two categories are the exception in the competition where we removed editing rules to encourage creativity.

The winners were asked to rank the prizes and were awarded one prize based on the total points earned from all their winning photos.

We would also like to thank our world-renowned judges Tony Wu, Mark Stickland, Marty Snyderman, and Bluewater Photo and Bluewater Travel for their utmost support. Click here to view the judges' comments for Ocean Art 2023.

Overall, the Ocean Art 2023 was a remarkable event that showcased the beauty of the underwater world through the lens of talented photographers. Congratulations to all the winners and participants, and thanks to the organizers, sponsors, and judges for their contributions to the world of underwater photography.

Press Release and Media Contact: http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/ocean-art-2023-press-release

We hope you keep divinglearning and exploring.



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Compact Category:


List of Winners


Best in Show

"Aquatic Primate"
Best in Show - Suliman Alatiqi
Shot in Phi Phi Islands,Thailand




Wide-Angle Category

 "Bunk Buddies"
1st Place - Suliman Alatiqi
Shot in South Roco Partida, Mexico


"Spinner Stampede"
2nd Place - Ines Goovaerts
Shot in Sataya Reef, Marsa Alam, Egypt
"In Our Shadow"
3rd Place - Bryant Turffs
Shot in Florida, USA



"Face to Face"
4th Place - Giancarlo Mazarese
Shot in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
"Mahi-Mahi Bloom"
Honorable Mention - Fabien Michenet
Shot in South of Magdalena, Bay, Mexico



Honorable Mention - Ipah Uid  Lynn
 Shot in Male, Maldives




1st Place - Alberto Casati
 Shot in Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines


"Pygmy Poser"
2nd Place - Byron Conroy
Shot in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia
"Clownfish and Its Baby"
3rd Place - Dennis Corpuz
Shot in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines



4th Place - Lilian Koh
Shot in Bali, Indonesia
"The Eye"
5th Place - Guillermo Viveros
Shot in Playa del Carmen, Mexico



"Backlit Blenny"
Honorable Mention - Greg Sherman
Shot in Sea of Cortez, Mexico
"Eye See You"
Honorable Mention - Keith Mash
Shot in Sulawesi, Indonesia




Marine Life Behavior

 "The Birthday"
1st Place - Kenji Sato
Shot in Miura Peninsula, Japan 


"Mother's Day"
2nd Place - Josh Raia
Shot in Crystal River, Florida, USA
"Rough Love"
3rd Place - Kat Zhou
Shot in Gulf of Eleuthera, Bahamas



"Pearl Necklace"
4th Place - Johan Sundelin
Shot in Kristiansund, Norway
Honorable Mention - Brandi Romano
Shot in South Maui, Hawaii



"Giving Birth"
Honorable Mention - Todd Aki
Shot in East Coast of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia


 "Aquatic Primate"
1st Place - Suliman Alatiqi
Shot in Phi Phi Islands, Thailand


"Octopus Macropus, Polpessa"
2nd Place - Alessandro Raho
Shot in Ligurian Sea, Italy
"Fresh Start"
3rd Place - Jules Casey
Shot in Victoria, Australia



"Everything is A-OK"
4th Place - Gabriel Jensen
Shot in Florida, USA
Honorable Mention - Celia Kujala
Shot in Hornby Island, Canada



"Baby Shark"
Honorable Mention - Kat Zhou
Shot in Eleuthera, Bahamas



"Lunch Time"
1st Place - Alessandro Giannaccini
 Shot in Porta Lake, Tuscany, Italy

"Pup Playtime"
2nd Place - Celia Kujala
Shot in Coronado Islands, Mexico
"Group Hug"
3rd Place - Johan Sundelin
Shot in Vattern, Sweden



"Carp Love"
Honorable Mention - Ferenc Lorincz
Shot in Čierna Voda, Slovakia
"Beam me up!"
Honorable Mention - Josh Raia
Shot in Seattle, Washington, USA



Honorable Mention - Mayumi Takeuchi-Ebbins
Shot in Shetland, United Kingdom



"After the Wedding"
1st Place - Peter Pogany
Shot in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines

"Cutie Guardian"
2nd Place - Yen-Po Huang
Shot in Tulamben, Indonesia
"Spotlight Nudibranch"
3rd Place - Jenny Stock
Shot in Tulamben, Indonesia



"Ms Elegant"
Honorable Mention - Cédric Péneau
Shot in Reunion Island



"Squid Hunting"
1st Place - Keigo Kawamura
Shot in Japan

2nd Place - Peter Pogany
Shot in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines
"Snowy Night"
3rd Place - Jialing Cai 
Shot in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines



"Dangerous Shelter"
4th Place - Chris Gug
Shot in Florida, USA
"Egg Release"
Honorable Mention - Kat Zhou
Shot in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia



Honorable Mention - Steven Kovacs
Shot in Manado, Indonesia

Underwater Conservation

"Release of newborn blacktip shark during study on shark adaptation to climate change"
1st Place - Victor Huertas
Shot in Mo’orea, French Polynesia

2nd Place - Yinan Liu
Shot in Magdalena Bay, Mexico 
"Plastic Bag"
3rd Place - Andrea Michelutti
Shot in Puerto Galera, Philippines



Honorable Mention - Dan Mele
Shot in U.S. Virgin Islands

Underwater Digital Art

"Water Sprite"
1st Place - Justin Lutsky
Shot in Ginnie Springs, Florida, USA 

"Ice Cream Nudies"
2nd Place - Francisco Sedano Vera
Shot in Puerto Galera, Philippines
"Fall Writter"
3rd Place - Conor Culver
Shot in Alor, Indonesia


Honorable Mention - Anna Aita
Shot in Florida, USA

Black & White

"Sealion Playing in Sardine Ball"
1st Place - Joergen Rasmussen
Shot in Magdalena, Baja California, Mexico

"Afternoon Acrobatics"
2nd Place - Jon Anderson
Shot in Carlos Beach, Monterey,California, USA
"Dress for the sea"
3rd Place - Serge Melesan
Shot in Mayotte Indian Ocean



"Shark Constellation"
4th Place - Enrico Pompei
Shot in Raja Ampat, Indonesia 
"Just Below"
Honorable Mention - Serge Melesan
Shot in Mayotte Indian Ocean



Underwater Fashion

"Tea Party"
1st Place - Lucie Drlikova
Shot in Prague,Czech Republic

"Elegance in the Springs"
2nd Place - Anna Aita
Shot in Gilchrist Springs, Florida, USA
"Would You Like a Big Burger?"
3rd Place - Julian Nedev
Shot in Varna, Bulgaria


"Alice in Waterland II"
4th Place - Lucie Drlikova
Shot in Prague,Czech Republic
"Black & White Muse"
Honorable Mention - Vanessa Torres Macho
Shot in Mona Vale, Sydney, Australia


"Thousand and One Nights"
Honorable Mention - Lucie Drlikova
Shot in Prague,Czech Republic


Compact Wide Angle

"The Beauty of the Swamp"
1st Place - Bryant Turffs
Shot in Everglades National Park, Florida, USA

"Sunbass Home"
2nd Place - Enrico Somogyi
Shot in Westbruch Quarry, Germany
3rd Place - Andrea Michelutti
Shot in Red Sea, Egypt



Compact Macro

"Underwater Fireworks"
1st Place - Imogen Manins
Shot in Mornington Peninsula, Australia

2nd Place - Marcus Commodore
Shot in Bali, Indonesia
3rd Place - Regie Casia
Shot in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines



"Into the Flames"
Honorable Mention - Miguel Ramirez
 Shot in Reunion Island

Compact Behavior

"Stay-at-home Mom"
1st Place - Derek Singer
Shot in Hoodsport, Washington, USA

"Chance encounter"
2nd Place - Brandon Hannan
"Kiss me"
3rd Place - Andrea Michelutti 
Shot in  Puerto Galera, Philippines



Honorable Mention - Keri Frankenstein
Shot in Bimini, Bahamas
"Circle of life"
Honorable Mention - Andrea Michelutti
Shot in  Anilao, Batangas, Philippines



List of Winners


Wide Angle

1st Place: Suliman Alatiqi

2nd Place: Ines Goovaerts

3rd Place: Bryant Turffs

4th Place: Giancarlo Mazarese

Honorable Mention: Fabien Michenet

Honorable Mention: Ipah Uid  Lynn



1st Place: Alberto Casati

2nd Place: Byron Conroy

3rd Place: Dennis Corpuz

4th Place: Lilian Koh

5th Place: Guillermo Viveros

Honorable Mention: Greg Sherman

Honorable Mention: Keith Mash


Marine Life Behavior

1st Place: Kenji Sato

2nd Place: Josh Raia

3rd Place: Kat Zhou

4th Place: Johan Sundelin

Honorable Mention: Brandi Romano

Honorable Mention: Todd Aki



1st Place: Suliman Alatiqi

2nd Place: Alessandro Raho

3rd Place: Jules Casey

4th Place: Gabriel Jensen

Honorable Mention: Celia Kujala

Honorable Mention: Kat Zhou



1st Place: Alessandro Giannaccini

2nd Place: Celia Kujala

3rd Place: Johan Sundelin

4th Place: Ferenc Lorincz

Honorable Mention: Josh Raia

Honorable Mention: Mayumi Takeuchi-Ebbins



1st Place: Peter Pogany

2nd Place: Yen-po Huang

3rd Place: Jenny Stock

Honorable Mention: Cédric Péneau



1st Place: Keigo Kawamura

2nd Place: Peter Pogany

3rd Place: Jialing Cai

4th Place: Chris Gug

Honorable Mention: Kat Zhou

Honorable Mention: Steven Kovacs


Underwater Conservation

1st Place: Victor Huertas

2nd Place: Yinan Liu

3rd Place: Andrea Michelutti

Honorable Mention: Dan Mele


Underwater Digital Art

1st Place: Justin Lutsky

2nd Place: Francisco Sedano Vera

3rd Place: Conor Culver

Honorable Mention: Anna Aita


Black & White

1st Place: Joergen Rasmussen

2nd Place: Jon Anderson

3rd Place: Serge Melesan

4th Place: Enrico Pompei

Honorable Mention: Serge Melesan


Underwater Fashion

1st Place: Lucie Drlikova

2nd Place: Anna Aita

3rd Place: Julian Nedev

4th Place: Lucie Drlikova

Honorable Mention: Vanessa Torres Macho

Honorable Mention: Lucie Drlikova


Compact Wide Angle

1st Place: Bryant Turffs

2nd Place: Enrico Somogyi

3rd Place: Andrea Michelutti


Compact Macro

1st Place: Imogen Manins

2nd Place: Marcus Commodore

3rd Place: Regie Casia

Honorable Mention: Miguel Ramirez


Compact Behavior

1st Place: Derek Singer

2nd Place: Brandon Hannan

3rd Place: Andrea Michelutti

Honorable Mention: Keri Frankenstein

Honorable Mention: Andrea Michelutti



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