Diver and Pool Model Photo Tutorials

Underwater photography tutorial series for shooting dive models
By Brent Durand

Photographing dive models underwater can take many different forms. You might be shooting your dive buddy with a fun subject, using your buddy as another compositional element or shooting a model in a pool. Dive model photos can be composed with ambient light or with artificial strobe and video lights.

There are many different ways to capture great dive model shots, with much depending on the shooting conditions and how much planning is required. For example, a shot of your dive buddy on a wreck takes much less pre-planning than an intricate pool scene with several freedivers and assistants.

The tutorials below explore the ins and outs of underwater model photography, with an insight into gear, shooting techniques, lighting, composition and communication.




Tips for Dive Model Photography







Shooting with a Dive Model







3 Quick Tips for Dive Buddy Photos







Inside Look: Gear for Shooting Models in Pools






Underwater Model Photography in a Swimming Pool





If there's something you want to learn about over-under split-shot photography, email me at brent@uwphotographyguide.com and we'll get an article up on the site. Enjoy!

Diver and Pool Model Photo Tutorials
Brent Durand
Underwater photography tutorial series for shooting dive models


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