Nikon Releases RAW Image Processing Software

Capture NX-D (beta) is Non-Destructive to RAW Files & Free to Download
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Nikon Releases RAW Image Processing Software

Capture NX-D (beta) is Non-Destructive to RAW Files & Free to Download

By Brent Durand, February 25, 2014




Nikon announced today that the beta version of their new photo processing and adjustment software, Capture NX-D, is available for download. The new software is much more robust and includes more features than Nikon's current editing software (Capture NX 2) and will replace it upon official launch.


Two things immediately jump out at me when reading the release:

  • The software allows users to apply changes to RAW files in a non-destructive sidecar format. This means that changes are "overlaid" on the RAW file and can be reversed at any point in time. It's one of the features that makes Adobe Lightroom so popular.
  • The software is free to download. Free is a great price for those who want to process their RAW images but don't feel the need to purchase expensive software.


Read Nikon's official Capture NX-D press release for full details.


Press Release:


Nikon releases the new RAW image processing and adjustment software, Capture NX-D, today

February 25, 2014

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that Capture NX-D (beta version), software for processing and adjusting RAW images captured with Nikon digital cameras, will be available free of charge beginning February 25, 2014.

Capture NX-D is a free software application that will replace the current Capture NX 2 application. RAW images (with the NEF or NRW file extension) captured with Nikon digital SLR cameras, Nikon 1 advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses, and Nikon COOLPIX compact digital cameras can be loaded into the application for high-quality photofinishing through the processing and adjustment of images. In addition to RAW images, the application can also be used to adjust JPEG and TIFF files. "D" comes from the word, "Development" for software that offers adjustment functions specializing in RAW development.

During the period that Capture NX-D (beta version) is available, we will collect requests and ideas regarding the application from those using it on our website. We will then use those requests and ideas to improve the application prior to its official release scheduled for this summer.

We will continue to update and provide support for the current Capture NX 2 application while the beta version of Capture NX-D is available. However, once the official version of Capture NX-D is released, we will no longer support Capture NX 2 with updates.



Product name: Capture NX-D (beta version)
Release date: February 25, 2014


Development Background

To date, Nikon has supported the processing and adjustment of RAW images captured with Nikon digital cameras, for high-quality photofinishing, with its Capture NX series of software applications (sold separately).
Though the ViewNX series of image browsing and editing software bundled with Nikon cameras also offers some functions for adjusting RAW images, many users have demanded more advanced RAW image adjustment functions.
Therefore, we have developed a new software application that allows users to enjoy the same RAW image processing and adjustment capabilities available with the Capture NX series, and will be available free of charge*.
Capture NX-D is a software application developed with Nikon's particular imaging concept, enabling high-quality photofinishing through the adjustment of images after they are captured.

  • *Can be downloaded from our website.


Primary Features

  1. Adjustment functions specialized for RAW processing, just as they were with the Capture NX series

    The application includes functions for adjusting aspects of RAW images captured with a Nikon digital camera (NEF or NRW file extension) that can be adjusted even after images are captured, including white balance and exposure compensation. Smooth adjustment of images is possible immediately after they are transferred to computers.
    Picture Control, Nikon's exclusive function for specifying imaging characteristics, is also supported.

  2. Support for simple adjustment of JPEG and TIFF images

    In addition to processing and adjustment of RAW images, the application offers the same functions available with Capture NX 2 for adjustment aspects such as tone curves, brightness, and contrast, as well as functions for correcting lateral color aberration caused by lenses, in JPEG and TIFF images.

  3. Floating palettes that are easy to use with multiple screens

    When two or more monitors are used, the image display area can be expanded by moving individual floating palettes for each adjustment function. Convenience has been increased with the ability to combine two or more floating palettes, which can then be moved together.

  4. A variety of displays, including comparisons of multiple images and adjustment before-and-after images

    Display of the application window can be adjusted for greater convenience. Thumbnail display, filmstrip display, single-image display, and full-screen display are possible. When filmstrip display is selected, thumbnails can be positioned at the top, bottom, left, or right of the image area. In addition, displays for comparing images, whether multiple image files, or a comparison of a single image before and after adjustments are applied, are available. When comparing images, enlargement of a portion of one image automatically enlarges the same portion of the other image, making the application of adjustments with simultaneous viewing of the primary subject simpler.

  5. Adoption of a sidecar format that saves original data as non-destructive files

    Unlike the format previously used to save images to which adjustments have been applied, a sidecar format, which saves adjustment data as a separate file, has been adopted.
    Saving original data as non-destructive files allows users to start over with the adjustment of RAW images in their original, post-capture state, without undoing previous adjustments.

  6. Other functions

    Filtering functions have been built into the application, allowing users to easily find the images they are looking for by filtering them according to criteria such as camera name or lens focal length based on tag data. In addition, batch processing can be used to simplify the troublesome process of applying adjustments to multiple images, and images can be transferred to another application in 16-bit TIFF format after RAW processing.


Read the Press Release on the Nikon website: Capture NX-D Press Release

Download Capture NX-D here:

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