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Sea & Sea DX-2G Underwater Camera Review

Conclusions about the sea & Sea DX 2G Underwater Camera


Front iew of the DX-2G

Front view of the DX-2G



With all of the great advanced point and shoot cameras and underwater housings available on the market now it is hard to say that any one system or combination of camera and housing is right or better for everyone. All that I can say about the Sea & Sea DX-2G is that I have been very happy with the results and functionality of the system and would have no problem recommending it or suggesting it is heavily considered by anyone in the market for getting into underwater photography, upgrading a beginner system or looking for a smaller, lighter alternative to a DSLR system.


Key points:

  • Great wide-angle capability with the FIX UWL-04 fisheye lens
  • Great macro ability without a wet lens, compared to other compacts. Optional wet lens makes it even better
  • RAW, full manual controls
  • Ricoh Gx200 is a great camera with RAW, full manual controls, and a wide 24mm lens. Only negative is noise - don't try bumping up the ISO on this camera.

Comparison to Canon S90, G11 - by Scott Gietler

Although the Canon S90 and G11 have a reputation as the best compact choices out there, Shawn's photos with the FIX wide-angle fisheye lens clearly shows this camera can produce great photos. In addition, it's macro capability out of the box is much better than the Canon cameras with respect to close-focus. 



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Best place to purchase the Sea & Sea DX-2G

You can get purchase ths camera from our sister company, Bluewater Photo. The staff at Bluewater know this camera and its accessories inside out!



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