Nauticam M10 Ball Mount Installation

This is how you install an M10 ball mount - one of the most popular accessories for Nauticam housings
By Nirupam Nigam

The Nauticam M10 ball mount is one of the most popular accessories for Nauticam housings. It allows you to add an additional point of attachment to your housing for underwater strobes and video lights in an ideal location - right on top of your housing. Some M10 ball mounts have holes at their base to attach carry lanyards - like in this kit sold at Bluewater Photo

Installing an M10 ball mount can be a little tricky so we created this video to help walk you through it...





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Nauticam M10 Ball Mount

Nauticam M10 Ball Mount & Carry Lanyard Kit

Nauticam M10 Ball Mount with Hole for Lanyard or Clip


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