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Underwater Photography Equipment Photos 


underwater photography equipment


Aquatica D300 housing, YS-110 strobes


underwater photography equipment


Sea & Sea D300 housing, Inon Z240 strobes with 0.5 diffusers, macro port for 105mm, S&S TTL converter, 2 single S&S sync cords, 2 8-inch ultralight arms, 2 8-inch fantasea arms, 7 ultralight B&J clamps, Fantasea 44LED light, S&S hot shoe adapter, 2 ultralight Z-adapters (connects strobe to B&J clamp), Divinycell for buoyancy


underwater photography equipment photo


Subal C20 housing, Subal DP-FE4 glass dome port,
2 ULCS 8 inch arms, 2 ULCS 5 inch arms, Hartenberger focus light and 3 inch ULCS arm and adaptor,
 7  ULCS  clamps, Ikelite nikonos to ikelits dual sync cord, two Ikelite DS125 strobes with ULCS adaptors


Canon S80 rig


Ikelite housing, Ikelite handle, ULCS Ikelite QR ball adapter, ULCS arms and joints, ULCS Inon Adapter,
Inon D-2000 strobe with Inon fiber connector, Canon S80 camera, cetacea coil lanyard with brass clip and SS split ring



Sea &Sea D100 housing, S&S compact macro port , StiX adjustable buoyancy float belt,  S&S YS 90DX strobes; Ultralight arm system-  4 five inch double ball arms (1 not ultralight), 6 clamps, 2 base adaptors, 2 strobe adaptors; hot shoe adaptor to lock line - Not shown is the lockline with NiteRider focus light.



Nikon D300, Sea & Sea MDX-D300 housing , 60mm lens inside a 105mm port, S&S TTL Controller III, 2 YS-110 strobes with diffusers, 2 S&S sync cords, bigblue FF-3x5W focus light, Ultralight Housing mounting AD-HS, UL 2 8” arms on left strobe, 1 ultralight 8” arm on right strobe with S&S UL mounting strobe arm attachments, lanyard, brass clip.



Canon WP-DC12 housing for Canon A570, Inon Z240 Strobe  -0.5 diffuser, Ultralight AD-IN INON Strobe
Adapter, UL TR-D Digital tray and TR-DHB digital handle with ball,
two UL 5” arm segments, three Ultralight AC-CSF (new
style) arm clamps, INON Optical D Cable/Cap W36 Set (fiber optic cable,
mount for diffuser panel, and film that goes over internal strobe blocking
out visible light), INON AD Mount Base DC12 (bayonet mount adapter), Inon
UFL-165AD fisheye wet lens
(bayonet mount), two Inon UCL-165 close-up wet
lenses (bayonet mount) (only one shown in picture of rig), Inon "AD"
Bayonet Mount Lens Caddy (double mount), small bolt snap and lanyard for
securing to BCD.



Same rig as above, with the Inon UFL-165AD fisheye lens mounted.


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