What's in the Camera Bag: Ken Kiefer

Take an inside look at the camera and housing gear used by underwater photographer Ken Kiefer
By UWPG Editors

I always try to travel with as many of my important items in my carry-ons as possible, and keep them in sight at all times.  Airlines and TSA always treat all luggage with the most loving of care, but still…  

I start with my Canon 5Ds in my Ikelite housing.  I started using both Canon and Ikelite back in 2004 and have had no reason to try any of the other excellent options out there.  Ikelite has always been there with their wonderful customer service, either for servicing equipment, or answering any questions.  I like being able to see into the housing to assure myself of o-ring placement and it’s nice to see how each control lever/button is making contact in case of an issue.

I also take a pair of Ikelite DS161 strobes with extra battery packs.  I love the color and spread of these strobes, not to mention the great battery life. 

I travel with the Ikelite 8” dome and Canon 16-35f4.  I mostly use this dome for corner clarity and because I only shoot wide angle and large animals… including humans J   I also bring the 6” dome as a backup to use with my 8-15mm lens.  No dome shade so that I can shoot full circular at 8mm.

The AO cooler bag doesn’t fit in my carry-on, but it is an essential part of my photography gear.   It acts as a cushion on rough boat rides, plus keeps accidental bumps on a crowded boat to a minimum.  I usually keep some fresh water in the cooler as a personal rinse tank ;)


Some random accessories that I throw in my carry-ons always:

  • Lucky JAWS coin from my buddy Alex

  • Shark Speedo

  • Tons of memory cards

  • Mask

  • Chargers

  • Sealife flashlight – used for assembly and in case of power outage

  • Dice game – good for passing time during delays

  • Seasickness meds

  • Earphones – in case of overly talkative airplane neighbor

  • Bar of soap and toothbrush/toothpaste

  • Lots of snacks

  • Pen – for immigration forms







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Ken Kiefer is an underwater photographer that specializes in big animals and fashion/fitness shoots.  He uses his images of sharks to educate children about the realities of sharks –vs- media portrayal.  

View more of Ken's work at: www.kenkiefer.com.


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