Epic Photo Destinations: French Polynesia

The second photo essay in our series of 5 epic destinations for underwater photography
By Brent Durand (text), Photos by Various

This photo essay explores the underwater world of our second epic photo destination. Our list of top 5 destinations, selected by Bluewater Photo, started with the biodiverse reefs of Raja Ampat, and today we visit the clear, sharky waters of French Polynesia.

Underwater photography and international travel go hand-in-hand, and hopefully these photos get your fingers itching to get in the water on your next trip.


French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a collection of 118 tropical South Pacific islands and atols - the stuff dreams are made of. Popularly called Tahiti, Tahiti is actually just the main island of the country. An incredible destination for scuba diving, French Polynesia is also a popular snorkeling destination.

Why do underwater photographers travel to French Polynesia?  Sharks, sharks and more sharks.  There are also abundant colorful reef fish, manta rays and a wide range of other critters.  The water is also crystal clear, enhancing all of these photo opportunities.

But why describe the underwater beauty here when we can share tons of photos to really show why French Polynesia should be at the top of your u/w photo list. After seeing these, you better believe I'm dreaming of the day I dive there!


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