Kraken 2500 V2 Video Light Review

A more compact, RGBU version of the original!
By Nirupam Nigam

The Kraken Hydra 2500 V2 underwater video light is an update to the popular Kraken Hydra 2500 macro. It offers a more compact build and even more features than the original. We had the opportunity to dive with the new light, so we put it to the test with some macro critters in the cold, dark waters of the Pacific Northwest. Check out the underwater video below and read on to see our review...

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Kraken Hydra 2500 V2 Specifications

  • 2500 lumen flood beam
  • 1500 lumen spot beam
  • CRI rating of 80 @ 5600 K color temp (flood beam)
  • 100 degree flood beam, 15 degree spot beam
  • 70 minute burn time at full power
  • Single button control
  • Red, Blue, Green, UV beams included
  • Depth rating: 330 ft/100m 
  • 6.5 hour charge time
  • Auto shutoff feature with strobes for use as a focus light
  • Weight: 400 grams on land (200 grams underwater)
  • Dimensions: 56.5mm x 175.6mm


Beam Quality

With 2500 lumens of output, the beam from the Kraken Hydra 2500 V2 is perfect for macro video shooters. While it's not quite powerful enough for great wide angle video with bright ambient lighting conditions, it can still do the job in a pinch. But the 5600K temperature flood beam with a CRI rating of 80 is a nice look on macro critters. I found that the color temperature resulted in vibrant colors without making the substrate in the video look too warm. 


Build and Ergonomics

One of my favorite things about the Kraken Hydra 2500 V2 is its size. With a battery that is much smaller than the original, the light feels a lot more like a focus light. Moreover, you can charge the battery directly with a usb-c cable!

The V2 also has a much simpler design with a single button control that can take you through all beam modes, power modes, and the on/off switch. 


Using the Kraken Hydra 2500 V2 as a Focus Light

The Kraken Hydra 2500 V2 makes an excellent focus light. Along with it's small size, the light features a 15 degree, 1500 lumens spot beam. When you fire a strobe, the light will automatically shut off for a split second so you don't have to worry about getting the beam in your photos. 



While the Hydra 2500 V2 doesn't have an RGB feature with an adjustable light, it does have a red, green, blue, and uv beam. The red beam is a great feature for sneaking up on critters that can't see red light. It also keeps the water clear on a night dive where worms and bait fish can be attracted to white light. The blue light is a good option for seeing fluorescence underwater, and the green and uv light can be used for creative photography and backlighting. 


Who Should Buy the Hydra 2500 V2

The Hydra 2500 V2 is a great option for anyone who needs a focus light or wants to film macro video. The small size makes it easy to travel with while still producing enough power to film critters. It's also a great option for photographers that want creative lighting along with a focus light, as the RGBU colors can help with backlighting and other techniques in underwater photography. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed using the Hydra 2500 V2 and think it's a solid upgrade from the original. Well done Kraken. 




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Nirupam Nigam is the Editor-in-Chief of the Underwater Photography Guide and the President of Bluewater Photo - the world's top underwater photo & video retailer. While growing up in Los Angeles he fell in love with the ocean and pursued underwater photography in the local Channel Islands. After receiving degrees in Aquatic and Fisheries Science and General Biology, as well as a minor in Arctic Studies, Nirupam worked as a fisheries observer on vessels in the Bering Sea and North Pacific. Since then, Nirupam has been a full time underwater photographer and photo gear head. Check out more of his photography at!


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