Light & Motion Expands the SOLA Series

New lights have been added, and prices have been lowered
By Michael Zeigler

Light & Motion, developers of high-powered portable underwater lighting systems, has continued to expand it SOLA line of products.  The most popular focus lights amongst underwater photographers seems to be the new SOLA Photo 800, which recently replaced the SOLA Photo 600.  The broad beam allows photographers to focus on their subject, and not so much where the focus light is aimed.  The stealth red mode allows shooters to get close to critters that are typically more sensitive to white light, like some crustaceans, small gobies, mandarin fish, juvenile fish, and mollusks. 

They also introduced the Sola 2000 and Sola 4000 lights, targeting underwater videographers with those lights.


Lower pricing on the Sola lights

Light & Motion has also lowered the price on the SOLA Photo 500 and SOLA Photo 800 to $299 and $499, respectively.  


SOLA Series

SOLA Photo 800

The SOLA Photo 800, featuring a wide, clean flood beam, and a wide red light "stealth" mode, each with three intensity levels.



SOLA Photo 500

The SOLA Photo 500, featuring a clean 60 degree flood beam which can double as a video light for the new class of compact cameras.


Comparing the SOLA Photo 500 and Photo 800

See complete comparison chart below.  All lights are placed 15" from the wall.






         Photo 500 & Photo 800 - Low Power.                               Photo 500 & 800 - High Power.


Red "stealth" mode on the Photo 800.




SOLA Photo 1200

The more powerful SOLA Photo 1200. Featuring 1200 lumens, a wide, clean flood beam, and a red light "stealth" mode, each with three intensity levels. Similar to the Sola 800, but with 50% more power. Great for people who shoot stills and video.



SOLA Dive 1200

The SOLA Dive 1200 comes standard with the wrist mount, and features a flood beam of 60 degrees, and a narrow beam.







              Dive 1200 flood beam.                                                      Dive 1200 narrow beam.


The front of the Dive 1200, showing the flood and narrow beam lights.


Sola 2000 Video


sola 2000 video

The Sola 2000 video offers only a wide-beam of white light, 60 degrees wide, at 3 power levels, maxing out at an incredible 2,000 lumens.


SOLA 4000 Video

SOLA 4000, featuring an adjustable beam, and 7 levels of intensity, up to 4000 lumens.








 SOLA 4000 showing on/off & travel mode.                                Front of the SOLA 4000.



SOLA Comparison Chart*

MODELS Photo 500 Photo 800 Photo 1200 Dive 1200 SOLA 2000 SOLA 4000
Lumens 500 Flood







2000-Flood 4000-7 levels
Burn Time (mns)













Size 57mm x 101mm 57mm x 101mm 57mm x 101mm 57mm x 101mm 57mm x 101mm 85mm x 143mm
Weight 283gr 283gr 283gr 305gr 283gr 808gr
MSRP $299 $499 $699 $699 $899 $1599



Pictures taken with the red "stealth" mode

All attempts of getting close to this tiny blue-ring top snail with the white flood beam resulted in the critter retreating into its shell.  It was un-phased by the red mode focus light of my SOLA Photo 800, and allowed me to get this picture. Due to the fast shutter speed, the red light was not recorded on the sensor as ambient light. Uncropped. Nikon D90, Ikelite housing, 60mm macro + 1.4x teleconverter. 1/200th, F40, ISO 200.


Similar story to the picture above, in that I could not get close enough to this Crevice Kelpfish with the white flood beam.  The red light did the trick. Due to the fast shutter speed, the red light was not recorded on the sensor as ambient light. Nikon D90, Ikelite housing, 60mm macro lens + 1.4x teleconverter.  1/200th, F14, ISO 200.


underwater photo with the sola 800 light

This photo was taken right after sunset, in Anilao. F13, 1/250th, ISO 200, NIkon D7000 + 105mm lens, Sea & Sea housing. The red light from my Sola photo light allowed me to not scare the Mandarin fish, and surprisingly my Nikon 105mm lens locked focus fairly quicky with the red light. It lit up the entire area, and several other photographers were taking mandarin fish photos using my light! - Scott


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