Nikon D7500 Camera Preview

Preview of the newly announced Nikon D7500 camera specs and best lenses for underwater photography
By Chino Mendoza

Nikon has just announced their new addition to their mid-range line, D7500.  From the specs that was released, the camera is built to perform.  

It is built around a 20.9 MP DX-format image sensor and EXPEED 5 processor; same as the award-winning D500. Aside from that, the camera is packed with features such as  wide ISO range up to 51,200, 8 fps, rugged design, 3.2 inch tilting touchscreen, 4K video to name a few.

Truly this would be a game changer for its class whether for topside or for underwater.

Below are the specs for the new Nikon D7500.

Availability:  Not yet available for purchase (we'll update this as soon as we know)

Retail Price: $1,249.95 USD

Nikon D7500 Specifications

  • 20.9 MP DX-Format Image Sensor 

  • EXPEED 5 Image Processor

  • Wide ISO Range up to 51,200

  • Fast Write Speeds

  • 8 fps Continuous Shooting

  • 51 Focus Points

  • 180,000-pixel RGB Sensor

  • 3.2 inch Tilting Touchscreen

  • 4K Video

  • Rugged Design

  • Up to 950 Shots in One Battery

  • Built-in WiFi

  • Bluetooth


Best Lenses for the Nikon D7500

The Nikon D7500 multiple lenses available in the market that would best suit the Nikon D7500, we would focus on lenses for underwater application. Underwater photography generally falls into two categories, wide-angle and macro. The lenses below are best for shooting in these styles.

Fisheye Lenses

This Tokina fisheye lens is dubbed as the best lens for shooting reefscapes, big animals, divers and more. It provides the best image quality on crop sensors. Make sure to get the Nikon version and not the Canon version, as these are two different mounts. Read our review of the Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye Lens.


Wide-Angle & Versatile Lenses

Divers who will be shooting sharks, whales or schools of fishes that may be further away may opt for a mid-range zoom lens like the  Nikon 10-24mm, Sigma 17-70mm or  Nikon 16-35mm. Many divers also use the Sigma 17-70mm OSM HSM for it's great flexibility between wide-angle and macro.


Macro Lens

There are two options main options for macro lens, Nikon 60mm and Nikon 105mm VR. The Nikon 60mm Macro lens is great starter lens and it is easy to use. The other option is the Nikon 105mm VR, it is great for macro and super macro. 


Underwater Housings Options

Since the camera has just been announced, we are still uncertain with what housing will be available. We will be updating this article as soon as we receive any information on what housings will cater to this wonderful camera.  But we are expecting to seee housings from these manufacturers.


Nauticam D7500 Underwater Housing

Aquatica D7500 Underwater Housing

Sea & Sea D7500 Underwater Housing

Ikelite D7500 Underwater Housing



The Nikon D7500 will surely be an excellent camera for underwater photo / video. Sensor and processor same as the D500, wide selection of lenses, excellent dynamic range and high ISO performance, fast autofocus, 4K video and versatility will set the bar high. We expect to see housings announced several months after the camera begins shipping. Check back for more updates on the Nikon D7500.  

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