Time is Perfection: the Launch of the Socorro Vortex

Time at shipyard makes for perfection in the launch of Pelagic Fleet's new luxury liveaboard - the Soccorro Vortex
By Joanna Lentini

The Price of Perfection is Time

It is often said good things come to those who wait, but sometimes the wait can be a bit longer than expected. The Pelagic Fleet team knows this feeling all too well. The Fleet’s newest addition, the Socorro Vortex was scheduled to make her maiden voyage last month to Revillagigedo, Mexico; however, due to delays in an extensive retrofitting project the luxury liveaboard is now set to depart on March 10. 


Socorro Vortex | 2019 from Pelagic Fleet on Vimeo.


In a striking video, Pelagic Fleet’s CEO, Jorge Hauser, acknowledges that perfection takes time and comes at a price. As an underwater photographer and ocean conservationist, Hauser understands the disappointment that can come with delays, but also assures everyone that the wait is well worth it.


The Magic of Revillagigedo

Once complete, the Socorro Vortex will be amongst the finest liveaboards in the world, with an enviable itinerary to experience some of the world’s most revered dive sites in North America’s largest marine protected area. As most avid divers know, Revillagigedo, a remote archipelago, boasts a treasure trove of marine life within its domain. Dive trips to the archipelago are nothing short of magical. Marine life encounters consist of false killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, whale sharks, hammerheads, manta rays and much more.


Designed for Life in the Lap of Luxury

When your entire day revolves around eating, sleeping, and diving, it doesn’t hurt to do so in the utmost style. The Vortex has been designed to accommodate far more guests than it will actually ever host, providing those lucky few with a great deal of privacy and a real sense of exclusivity. 

Renowned designer, Peter Hughes, explained how the team could have easily added four more staterooms, but opted for quality over quantity. For the past year, the dive industry legend has been overseeing the retrofitting project. Hughes’ lengthy and successful career of building and designing boats for the dive industry is brought the Pelagic Fleet to team up with him. In fact, he was recently awarded for his “Distinguished Service” to the dive industry at the NOGI’s awards ceremony, which is part of the annual scuba diving trade show - DEMA.


Enticing New Features

Originally a formidable Canadian Coast Guard vessel constructed almost thirty years ago, the Vortex will feature a floor-level jacuzzi on its top deck, an open-air bar, and a gourmet dining area for 14 guests. The team has outfitted the 140-foot aluminum hull ship with details most liveaboards often overlook, such as proper lighting, space, and the finest materials.

The Vortex boasts some impressive features. While mechanical details of the vessel may not interest those more focused on ocean and wildlife; most will take notice when some of those features translate into more time spent underwater.

Time Saved is Time Diving!

Equipped with two brand new MTU 12V4000 2,750-horsepower engines worth $1 million dollars and a Rolls Royce transmission, the Socorro Vortex will be one of the world’s fastest liveaboards to Revillagigedo. With a top speed of 21 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots the Vortex will reach Socorro in ~18 hours, as opposed to the 25 hour average. Those extra hours saved equates to a few more dives that would not have been possible on a slower boat. And for anyone that has been diving in Revi, the idea of a few more dives is quite an exciting prospect!


It’s clear that this labor of love will be worth the wait. While the crew could have cut corners to meet its deadline, it should comfort future guests that they have not sacrificed their brand’s standards. In fact, with the Vortex, Pelagic Fleet is sure to set a brand new standard for luxury dive liveaboards!


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Joanna Lentini is an award-winning freelance photographer and writer based in New York. Joanna produces stories related to conservation, outdoor adventure and wildlife photography. She has been awarded in several international photography competitions and was one of a only a few women awarded in the 52nd Wildlife Photographer of the Year photography competition. Joanna is a Nauticam ambassador and COO of the non-profit organization Oceans in Focus, which delivers ocean educational outreach programs to children. To find out more about Joanna and see more of her work you can visit her FacebookInstagram (@joannalentini) , Twitter (@deepfocusimages), and Website.


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