Frequently Asked Questions


1) What initial settings should I use for macro and wide-angle?

            Read the initial settings section.


2) Do you have any tips for Underwater photography?

            Read the tips section.


3) How do I shoot supermacro photography?

            Read the underwater supermacro section.


4) Which wide-angle lens is better underawter, a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye or a rectilinear lens such as a Nikon 12-24mm or a canon 10-22mm?


            Neither is better, they have different purposes. For more people I recommend using the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye, which is great for reef shots and close-focus wide-angle shots. This lens can focus very close. Read more about fisheye lenses and wide-angle lenses.


5) Which macro lens is better, a 60mm macro or 100/105mm macro lens? 


            Neither is better, they have different angles of view, and different working distances, and are used for different types of shots. Read my article on underwater macro lenses.


6) Which housing should I use?

            Most of the underwater camera housings out there are very good, you need to look at your budget, what your friends are using, and what is supported in your area. If possible, get to a UW camera store to try some out. Read more about underwater housings.


7) Can I use my 18-135mm or 18-200mm zoom underwater?

            Not really, long zoom lenses are not easily used underwater. Your port will end up being too large, the lens may vignette at the wide end, and performance will probably be poor due to dome port optics. 17-70mm or 18-70mm is generally the largest zoom range used underwater. Read about the best underwater lenses.


8) How do you get a black background in your underwater photos?

            Read the black background section.


9) Do you have any tips for how I can improve my photography?

            Read the section Improving your UW photography, and also read over 60 underwater photography tips.



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