Shipwreck Photo Tutorials

Underwater photography tutorial series for shooting shipwrecks
By Brent Durand

Shipwrecks are fascinating. They create very interesting dive sites, where divers can explore places where humans once walked, sat and lived. Wrecks can become flourishing artificial reefs full of macro photo subjects. They also provide protection for the fish that choose to make the wreck their home, which in turn can attract pelagic fish. Lastly, shipwrecks come with a great deal of history, whether sunk in the last year, decade or many centuries ago.

Shipwreck photography often takes place in deep, dark water where bottom time is very limited. The tips and tricks in these tutorials explore wreck photography with ambient and artificial light.



The Basics of Wreck Photography





The Ultimate Guide to Wreck Photography





Photographing the Wrecks of the St. Lawrence River

(2 part photo essay)





Other Fun Wreck Articles


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If there's something you want to learn about wreck photography that is not in these tutorials, email me at and we'll get an article up on the site.

Brent Durand
Underwater photography tutorial series for shooting shipwrecks


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