Acquapazza Sony A6300 Housing Overview

Acquapazza announces feature-rich underwater housing for the Sony A6300 mirrorless camera
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Acquapazza has announced their housing for the Sony a6300 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Acquapazza housings have a great reputation for proven performance, along with a radical range of annodized aluminum colors.

One (unique) highlight of the Acquapazza housing is that the port opening is extra wide. This allows you to use Sony and Zeiss wide barrel lenses with ease. What does this mean? In competing housings we've seen to date, you must remove the port, then the lens, then open the back of the housing and remove the housing in order the change batteries (a frequent activity with Sony cameras). With the Acquapazza a6300 housing, you just open the back and remove the camera. Easy with much less time commitment and flood risk!

The Sony a6300 mirrorless camera is sure to be very popular with underwater photo and video shooters. Sony's impressive APS-C (crop) sensor is complemented by incredibly fast autofocus. Video shooters enjoy non-compressed file recording and up to 4K video resolution. Read our Sony a6300 Camera Review for Underwater.

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ACQUAPAZZA announces the APSO-A6300

Key Features

  • An angled LCD viewing window.

  • The housing can accommodate the FE 90 mm F2.8 Macro G OSS easily.

  • It is also compatible with the ZEISS Touit 12mm f2.8, 50mm f2 and Vario-Tessar T E 16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS lenses. These are all high definition.

  • Manual focus gears are available for all lenses in the system chart.

  • It is possible to use both power zoom and manual focus with the Sony SELP1650 E Mount - APS-C 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens.

  • The housing latch is made of aluminum.

  • Buttons are 8mm diameter.

APSO-A6300 is an APS-C mirrorless housing that ACQUAPAZZA has been developing for three years.


Angled LCD window

It features an angled window for viewing the camera’s LCD screen. This feature was popular on the ACQUAPAZZA housing for the Sony NEX5. Although this is normally a more expensive option, it was possible to do so without increasing the cost of the housing.

The angled window is very convenient when taking photographs using the LCD. This is especially true when the actiuon si quick and missing photographic opportunities is not an option. It is also a great option for capturing images of subjects that are close to the sea floor.



Wide Port Throat Offers Unique Lens Options

APSO-A6300 has been designed to accommodate the camera when it is equipped with an A mount lens. Thus, the diameter or throat of the port mount is large. This allows the use of “fat” bodied lenses like the Sony FE 90 mm F2.8 Macro G OSS, ZEISS Touit 12mm f2.8, ZEISS Touit 50mm f2 and ZEISS Vario-Tessar T E 16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS lenses. In addition, this makes mounting or changing the lens much easier.

This is a big advantage. Other company’s housings either do not offer these lens choices or mounting/changing lenses is more complicated.

For example, when removing a camera with a wide lens from the APSO-A6300 housing you simply open the rear door and remove it.

With other housings, it is necessary to remove the port, dismount the lens, open the rear door and then remove the camera. In essence, this adds three additional operations. Of course, this is additionally complicated as it is required even to exchange camera batteries or memory cards and especially so if you forget to do so and have to repeat the process!

Power zoom and manual focus with Sony 16-50mm lens

In many markets, the a6300 is sold with the Sony SELP1650 16-50mm power zoom as a kit. ACQUAPAZZA offer the option of being able to use both the power zoom and manual focus with this lens simultaneously.


Aluminum Housing Latch

Many housings have latches made of plastic. As this part is crucial to ensure that the housing closes properly and hence keep the camera kept dry, ACQUAPAZZA makes it from aluminum. This will ensure both ease of use and long life.

8mm diameter buttons.


Buttons on the APSO-A6300 have an 8mm Diameter

This makes them easier to use, even at depth or while wearing thick gloves.



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