Sea Lions with the SeaLife Micro HD+

We test the SeaLife Micro HD+ with photos & video of fast sea lions in La Paz
By Brent Durand

Shooting great video and photos doesn't always require a big, heavy and expensive camera system. It doesn't need to require hours of work building and cleaning housings, plus the stress of wondering whether the expensive gear will flood and break. It also doesn't require complicated menus, memorizing AP, SP, CMOS, DOF, IA SERVO and a host of other acryonms.

This is the realm of the SeaLife Micro HD underwater camera. I took the Micro HD+ (32gb version of the camera) down to La Paz for a small group photo trip and decided to test it out with subjects that are deceptively difficult to shoot: sea lions.

The photos and video below were shot in ambient light in very shallow water.


About the SeaLife Micro HD+

Below are the benefits as I see them:

  • Small and compact.

  • Fully sealed. No flooding. No o-rings to worry about. Charge the battery and transfer photos with a wet USB mount - very cool.

  • Piano Key Operation. Don't stress over all the buttons on compact housings. The shutter release button is on top, and there are rear piano key buttons for: Video record, Menu and Playback.  Easy!

  • Shoot Photo or Video Instantly. No need to change modes, you just push the shutter for a still photo or video key to start/stop video recording.

  • Compatibility with the SeaLife Sea Dragon tray and handle, plus Sea Dragon video lights, providing color to your video or macro photos.

  • WiFi. Instantly transfer photo and video to your device for quick sharing.


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SeaLife Micro HD+ Underwater Photos


La Paz Sea Lion at Los Islotes


La Paz Sea Lion at Los Islotes


La Paz Sea Lion at Los Islotes


La Paz Sea Lion at Los Islotes


La Paz Sea Lion at Los Islotes


La Paz Sea Lion at Los Islotes


La Paz Sea Lion at Los Islotes


La Paz Sea Lion at Los Islotes


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SeaLife Micro HD+ Underwater Video 



Small and Powerful - the SeaLife Micro HD+





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Brent is an avid diver and adventure photographer, and shoots underwater any time he can get hands on a camera system. He can be reached at

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