GoPro Hero 4 Black/Silver Firmware Update v4.0

Lock shutter speed, more ISO control and more finely tuned white balance in new GoPro firmware upgrade for Hero 4 Black/Silver
By Chino Mendoza

GoPro is constantly working to improve their cameras, including several firmware updates for the Hero 4.  This includes a new firmware upgrade release just a few days ago for GoPro Hero 4.  There are quite a few updates, all of which are listed below.

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Performance Improvements

  • Shutter Speed Lock - this gives an ability to lock the shutter speed and give control user on different lighting condition and different motion scenario.  This is available for video mode
  • Additional White Balance Setting - Allows to fine tune and optimize light condition for warm or cool effect.  This is available for photo and video mode
  • Additional ISO Control Setting - Additional ISO options, ability to lock ISO on video mode and ability to set a range for photo mode.
  • Additional Bluetooth Functionality to support the Works with GoPro Program


Usability Improvements

  • Adds the ability to add/remove HiLight Tags directly from the touchdisplay*
  • Adds the ability to quickly move to the next or previous HiLight Tag in a video*
  • Media filters** add the ability to sort content in the gallery (thumbnail) view by videos or photos so you can find specific content faster. Filters, the slideshow option, and the ability to delete multiple files can be accessed from the Menu icon in gallery view.


General Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixes stability with video playback over HDMI
  • Improves time lapse stability and interval accuracy
  • Improves camera and smartphone reconnections
  • Fixes intermittent audio issues with Periscope


* Hero4 Black requires an LCD Toch BacPac to use this functionality
** Requires a touch display or HDMI playback device.  Hero4 Black requires an LCD Toch BacPac to use this functionality


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