Best 2020 Holiday Underwater Photo & Video Deals

These Deals from Bluewater Photo are the Best in 2020!
By UWPG Staff


This holiday season, Bluewater Photo has the best deals on underwater photo and video lights, packages, lenses, housings, and more! In particular, we loved this years availability of excellent underwater camera packages. It makes it easy to get right in the water with the camera of your choice, and everything you need. The staff at Bluewater made sure to pair each housing with the most appropriate gear for the job. The packages for the Canon EOS R5, this year's top camera, are particularly compelling. We also think the Kraken Universal Smart Phone kit is a great way to get started with underwater photo and video. As camera gear becomes more expensive over time, more people are finding that smart phones are becoming a great alternative to point and shoot cameras. The universal smart phone housing is future proof, but fitting all phones under a certain dimension. 


Video lights and video light kits are also notable during Bluewater's Black Friday sale. The Venom 60 video light offers 6000 lumens of output, a creative RGB mode, and multiple spot beams for only $449. As far as lumen to $ ratios go, the Venom 60 has other lights beat. Bluewater is also offering Light & Motion "beginner", "intermediate", and "advanced" kits. The beginner kit features a tray and handles with dual Sola 2500s, which is perfect for compact and action camera users. The intermediate kit features dual Sola 3800s, and the advanced kit features dual Sola 15,000s with blue filters for better white balance underwater. 

Finally, Bluewater is offering free shipping on orders over $200 to US & Canada, free video chat support to set up gear, and they will match and beat a competitor's price. So it's literally impossible to get a better deal anywhere else! 

Anyway, we could go on and on describing these tantalizing offers, but why don't you see it for yourself? 


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