Chasing Coral Doc Debuts at Sundance Film Festival

New Exposure Labs film highlights coral bleaching around the world with never-before-seen time-lapse sequences, drama and more
By Brent Durand

We hear stories of coral bleaching around the world. We have seen some photos and heard some cautionary tales, but just how bad is coral bleaching? Is it really as dramatic as some articles would make you think?

The answer is YES, according to the team that has recently finished the documentary Chasing Coral.

Chasing Coral is produced by Exposure Labs. The production company began when filmmaker Jeff Orlowski embarked on a project to bring worldwide awareness to the changing climate through the melting polar ice caps. The film, Chasing Ice, followed photographer James Balog as he and team documented the disappearance of glaciers and ice caps across several continents, bringing some of the most powerful climate change film and phtography into local theatres and picking up a long list of prestigious awards along the way.

Chasing Coral was made with a similar goal in mind; to highlight the effects of global warming and ocean acidification through powerful imagery of bleaching coral. The team went far beyond some still photos of coral - they developed their own time-lapse cameras in order to document coal bleaching as it is occurring all over the world. You can imagine the logistics involved in this!



Chasing Coral debuted and is currently playing during the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and has been collecting some exceptional reviews. In fact, Netflix has already signed a worldwide rights deal for the film, so we can likely expect widespread availability in the near future.

The timing of this documentary is also important as the United States ushers in a new president that many fear will erase years of environmental protection legislation, lower standards that limit pollution across the country, and slow the pursuit of sustainable forms of energy. Time will tell whether the documentary will sway the masses and spur widespread change.

Chasing Coral was directed/produced by Jeff Orlowski and produced by Larissa Rhodes. It was filmed over three years with 650+ hours underwater, footage from 30 countries and support from over 500 people around the world.

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