It is time to save some sharks

Want to know how you can make a difference? There is finally a way
By Scott Gietler prepares for direct action against shark finners

Fundraising campaign will support stopping shark finners in Costa Rican waters

They need your help

By Scott Gietler 



Shark Savers, World Wildlife Fund, Bite Back, Shark Trust, Shark Conservation Society. There are many organizations out there that are trying to save sharks, put sharks on the endangered species list, ban shark finning, and reduce consumption of shark fin soup. I have many friends in these organizations, and they are working hard and doing a great job.


However, direct interaction with shark finners is rare. In fact, we are not aware of anyone that has tried to prevent shark finners from capturing sharks, through direct action - before they do it - until now.


  • will arrive in Costa Rica this December

  • They will engage illegal fishermen before the damage is done

  • has been authorized by the Costa Rican government to enforce & monitor the MPA

  • First location is a 12-mile radius around Cocos Island

  • $80,000 needs to be raised to fund this effort - donate now on IndieGogo


Chris Wade has spent the last decade fighting for sharks. We have seen his boat, crew and dedication first hand and we feel strongly that he has the ability to carry out this mission, and that the money will be used wisely to help prevent illegal fishing. and its director Captain Chris Wade are working in conjuction with the Costa Rican government, and a Costa Rican non-profit NGO called PRETOMA to fight the illegal fishers. The Shark Boat will have a park ranger and a judge on the boat to assist them in their efforts. Boats suspected of illegally fishing in Costa Rican waters will be approached, inspected, and if warranted, prosecuted.


How you can help

Visit the IndieGogo campaign today - and donate to help Captain Chris Wade help the sharks.


Hammerhead sharks photographed at Cocos Island. Photo by Kadu Pinheiro

chris wade shark boat
The M/V SeaWatch, aka "Shark Boat"


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