Deep Visions Photo Contest Winners

ScubaShooters has announced the winners of Deep Visions, showcasing some amazing underwater photos
By Brent Durand

Our friends at ScubaShooters have announced the winners of the 1st Deep Visions UWP Awards. The contest complements the active ScubaShooters website community and eMagazine, and attracted some of the most talented underwater photographers shooting today. The rich prize list included a rich assortment offering from dive resorts, gear manufacturers and lots of photo equipment.

The Deep Visions contest categories were Black and White, Behavior, Macro, Macro-Compact, Wide-Angle, Wide-Angle Compact, and Snooted.

View all the winning photos at ScubaShooters Deep Visions Winners.



Black & White Winners

1. Marco Gargiulo

2. Marco Gargiulo

3. Christian Schlamann

4. Tanya Houppermans

5. Geo Cloete

6. Marco Gargiulo



Behavior Winners

1. Massimo Zannini

2. Marco Chang

3. Liang Fu

4. Claudia Peyer

5. Christian Schlamann

6. Lynn Wu



Macro Winners

1. Stefano Scortegagna

2. Tony Cherbas

3. Yatwai So

4. Yatwai So

5. Claudio Zori

6. Stefano Scortegagna



Macro - Compact Winners

1. Abimael Marquez

2. Jennifer Weber

3. Amy Hung

4. Don Bouchard

5. Alex Barth

6. Comenico Tripodi



Wide-Angle Winners

1. Cedric Peneau

2. Massimo Zannini

3. Alex Rush

4. Plamena Mileva

5. Alex Rush

6. Gang Song



Wide-Angle - Compact Winners

1. Virginia Salzedo

2. Abimael Marquez

3. Virginia Salzedo

4. Domenico Tripodi

5. Stephane Primatesta



Snooted Winners

1. Franco De Lorenzi

2. Rafael Cosme

3. Violet Ting

4. Adriano Morettin

5. Marco Chang

6. Adriano Morettin


The judges of the ScubaShooters Deep Visions UWPG Awards were Henry Jager, Isabella Maffei, Davide Lopresti, Ivana Orlovic, Roland Bach, Fabio Lardino and Beth Watson.


View all the winning photos at ScubaShooters Deep Visions Winners.


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