Epson World Shootout 2011

By Michael Zeigler

Epson World Shootout 2011

Underwater Photography Grand Prix



In August 2011, the whole globe becomes one huge underwater festival...

Epson Red Sea is known worldwide as the international underwater photography Olympics and has awarded photographers with prizes worth more than $450,000 during the past 6 years.

The 8 day World Shoot-Out will take place in August 1-8, 2011, in any natural water resource found around the world, including seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, under the ice and more. Any photographer can take part in the competition by diving in a familiar or favorite destination during the days of the shoot-out.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for underwater photographers all around the world to either take a few days off for the sake of some diving in their local area, or to finally book the holiday they've been dreaming of in an exotic dive destination, on a live aboard or in a dive resort.


Epson World Shootout - Important Information

Competition registration deadline is: July 30th, 2011.
Earlybird Registration (no later than July 1st, 2011) entitles the participant to submit a free additional set of images in each category the participant has registered to.

Please make sure you have access to your e-mail account or to the competition website on July 31st, a day before the shoot-out begins, for the purpose of receiving last minute and essential guidelines, such as the date your camera should be set on.


Underwater Photo Submission

Participants’ chosen images will be submitted to the competition after the shoot-out has concluded, throughout August 9-15.

Please make sure you have internet access during August 9-15 in order to be able to submit your images to the competition. Images submitted later than these dates will not be accepted. 








World Shoot-Out Categories and Prizes

  1. Main Category – The Dive Destination Portfolio (5 images)
  2. Wide Angle - (1 image)
  3. Macro & Super-Macro - (1 image)
  4. Ship or Plane Wreck Category – Black & White - (1 image)
  5. Underwater Environmental Conservation - (3 images)
  6. Fresh Water - (3 images)
  7. The Amateurs Category - (1 image)





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