New Bi-weekly Travel Column

Underwater Photography Guide starts new Travel Column

Biweekly travel column will come out the 1st and 15th of each month


"Across the Globe Behind the Lens"


Welcome to “Across the Globe Behind the Lens” a new feature column designed to give the traveling underwater photographer the travel end of everything you need to know to go out and get those coffee table book images you’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, most of us don’t live in a place where we can walk out our back door and dive a site worthy of thousands of exposures with endless tantalizing subjects. Those amazing images, the ones we want to shoot and the ones that win contests not only take great technique and great gear but a great dive location as well.


new underwater photography travel column is jammed full of excellent advice on technique and gear. This column is about helping you get to those great places to use what you’ve learned here and create the imagery you’ve always wanted.


We will explore all sides of dive travel from the top dive destinations to places Google Earth can’t yet locate. From pre trip planning and packing to departure day and from photo ops to dive ops, we’ll hit it all. We’ll look at the particular challenges that the traveling underwater photographer faces and their solutions. The path of the column will wind and curve across the planet – just like us - and we’ll adventure our way together ending up exactly where ever we are going. We once heard someone say that a traveler may not know exactly where he is going but a tourist doesn’t know where he’s been. As travelers, we’ll continue to wander just like we’ve been doing for years and you benefit.


Introducing Sharkman and Mantagirl


By way of a mercifully short introduction, we are known affectionately as Sharkman and Mantagirl, each name referring to our favorite ocean critter though our passports say Ridlon and Carin Kiphart. Like you, our passion is for everything under the waves. And like you, we are all about creating amazing underwater imagery and have been doing it around the globe for the past 15 years. We are founders of Ocean of Hope Foundation, a non profit foundation dedicated to restoring the health of the ocean through education in the US and abroad and Live Adventurously, a company dedicated to living life off the couch and helping others do the same. It seems totally apropos that we’re writing this first post at 39,000’ on our way between Fiji and Costa Rica.


Passionate about travel, diving and imaging


As members of the Explorers Club, our passions are travel and diving and u/w imaging and exploration of the world’s most “amazing” places. Our favorite location is “off the beaten track”, our preferred roads are “unpaved” and our most beloved dive sites are “exploratory”. Our plan is to get lost, wander, discover, explore, adventure and twice a month to surface, find our way to a computer and share it with you. Sometimes we find diving nirvana near a five star resort and sometimes it’s literally at the end of the road but always a place worthy of your best lens.


We hope you will find exactly what you need here, everything from adventure stories to travel advice to destination information all with the traveling underwater photographer in mind. We are stoked to be teaming with Scott as a part of the UW Photography Guide family and journeying together with you Across the Globe Behind the Lens. Grab your camera bag! Game on!


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Update - first article is up:

Ridlon and Carin's first column is up! Read their first dive travel article here.


Sharkman and Mantagirl