1st Place Compact Behavior Ocean Art Safe Under The Sea

1st Place Compact Behavior Ocean Art Safe Under The Sea

Stan Chen

"Lemon Goby"



Rodger won a gift certificate from Bluewater Photo.



The Story: These Lemon Goby parents had spawned their eggs on a glass fragment that caught my eyes and I decided to take the shot to record how fish can coexist with human garbage. The Lemon Goby parents were very shy and they kept moving around. I waited about 40 minutes and finally, the goby parents gathered together and also opened the mouth while protecting their eggs. I immediately took the shot and captured this unique picture.  It was an unforgettable moment for me to see how great the goby parents are to utilize human waste to hatch their eggs. And I know new life will continue onto the next generation. 

Location:  Lembeh, Indonesia

Equipment Used:  Sony RX100 M4, Inon strobe, & LSD ; SMC2 macro lens 

Camera Settings: ISO-250, f/11, 1/250 sec

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