DX-2G Macro capability

Sea & Sea DX-2G Underwater Camera Review

DX-2G Macro capability


The Sea & Sea DX 2G has the ability to focus a 1cm (1/2”) to capture small subjects making this a great camera for macro and super macro photography, with the optional Sea & Sea 125 coated glass multi element close up lens you have the ability to capture the really small opportunities at almost a 2:1 magnification or to really focus in close on a subject to isolate it from a background. The 125 close up lens requires a ring adapter that cost extra to mount to the front of the DX 2G housing.

The focus distance is so small that you may need to back off of your subject and use the cameras zoom to give your self enough distance to position your strobes to light your subject. If using the cameras onboard flash Sea & Sea makes a macro diffuser that attaches to the front of the camera but you still need to allow enough space for lighting or you will get a shadow form the barrel of the lens.


Topside Photography

The actual camera that is used in the Sea & Sea DX 2G system is manufactured a Ricoh (GX 200). This is a fantastic and fun camera for topside photography when you find that you can’t be in the water. Ricoh has available add on lenses, a 19mm ultra wide conversion lens DW-6 and a 135mm telephoto conversion lens TC-1, you will need the HA-2 adapter to use either of these options.

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