Caught on Video: False Killer Whale Leaps Over Snorkler

Watch the surprise in this video of a false killer whale visiting snorkelers in Tonga this year
By Chino Mendoza

Earlier this year, Scott Portelli, an Australia diver and trip leader, captured a very unexpected event when a false killer whale suddenly jumped over a guest. Or actually, behind a guest. The perspective looks otherwise though!

According to Portelli, "Today out on the water we had an unexpected encounter with a large pod of false killer whales." One of the false killer whales from the pod swam under the snorkler and suddenly leaped (what appears to be) right over him. This is a truly fun, and rare event, which Portelli has luckily caught on camera. 

"(You) never know what you are going to see in Tonga." 


Click the image below to watch the false killer whale video clip:

Video featured from Scott Portelli's Facebook Page


Chino Mendoza , is an avid diver and underwater photographer and tries to go everytime he can.  He is based in Manila which is a few hours Anilao which is the “critter capital of the Philippines”  He likes to shoot macro and his favorite subjects are nudibranchs and frogfishes.

Get in touch with him via email at

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