Ikelite a7R II Underwater Housing with TTL Released

Ikelite releases new Sony mirrorless camera housing with major feature updates. Also works for the A7 II and a7S II.
By Brent Durand


Ikelite has announced a brand new underwater housing for Sony's latest mirrorless full frame A7 Mark II cameras. The housing incorporates Ikelite's latest design features and houses all three new Sony cameras, which are proving extemely popular among underwater photographers: the a7 II, a7R II and a7S II.

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So what's new and cool with the housing?  Here's my impression from the annoucement:


Ikelite Sony a7R II Housing Key Features

  • The only housing that provides TTL support for Sony Alpha 7 cameras.  This is big news if you shoot TTL!

  • Secure and easy-to-change ports for all popular zoom, macro and wide-angle lenses.  Ikelite's port selection allows divers to use Sony, Canon, Sigma and other popular mirrorless lenses with the Ikelite a7R II housing. Just push the 4 clips back to unlock the port, pop on a new port, and push the 4 clips back to secure.

  • Uses existing DSLR port system.  If you if you already own an Ikelite dSLR system, the switch to Sony will involve buying just the housing - no additional ports or accessories.

  • New soft touch zoom knob.  This upgrade is easier to adjust, which is essential for smooth zoom while shooting video or recomposing while shooting stills of a fast-moving subject.

  • Housing comes with zoom sets to fit most lenses.  No need to rip apart the zoom grips on your lenses to install a zoom gear - a very nice feature for those that shoot topside as well. No need to buy expensive zoom gears for each lens.

  • New mounting tray slides in and out.  Thanks Ikelite! This makes it easy to insert and remove camera from housing, and even use it topside with the mounting tray attached.

  • Ergonomic control placment aids muscle memory.  No need to memorize location of controls on your camera and new locations on a housing.  The intuitive
    placement aids those that transition back and forth from topside to underwater with the same model camera body.

  • New white polycarbonate looks sharp, but keeps Ikelite's iconic clear backplate.  Two benefits to the clear backplate: 1) you can see the camera, controls and feel good you don't physically see any water in the housing, and 2) the open o-ring groove is very easy to clean, visually inspect and securely close.


Where to Buy the Ikelite Sony a7R II Housing

Purchase the Ikelite Sony a7R II housing at Bluewater Photo,
including recommended ports, lenses, accessories and excellent customer service.


Strobe Compatibility for TTL

Serial number requirements

  • Ikelite AF35: not compatible
  • Ikelite DS50: yes, above serial number 70000
  • Ikelite DS51: yes
  • Ikelite DS125: yes, above serial number 5000
  • Ikelite DS160, DS161: yes
  • Ikelite DS200: yes, above serial number 7163

Electrical sync cord compatibility

  • Ikelite-to-Ikelite TTL Sync Cord (TTL) Product 4103.51
  • Ikelite-to-Ikelite TTL Dual Sync Cord (TTL) Product 4103.52
  • SEA&SEA / INON Strobe-to-Ikelite Non-TTL Sync Cord (Manual) Product 4118.1
  • SEA&SEA / INON Strobe-to-Ikelite Non-TTL Dual Sync Cord (Manual) Product 4118.2
  • Nikonos SB Strobe-to-Ikelite Non-TTL Sync Cord (Manual) Product 4116.31
  • Nikonos SB Strobe-to-Ikelite Non-TTL Sync Cord (Manual) Product 4116.32


Ikelite a7R II Housing Specifications

  • 200 ft (60m) depth rating
  • All important camera functions are accessible
  • Controls are not provided for AF/MF/AEL switch lever, Control wheel, or Diopter Adjustment Dial
  • Ikelite bulkhead connector with integrated TTL circuitry
  • Near neutral buoyancy in fresh water
  • Actual buoyancy varies depending on choice of lens and port
  • Weight 5 lb (2.3 kg) not including tray + handles
  • Dimensions 9.1 x 7.1 x 6.1 inches (230 x 180 x 150 mm) including projections


Ikelite Sony Housing Details

U.S.A. MSRP:  $1,500

PRODUCT #:  6843.72

IKELITE WEBSITE:  Ikelite Sony Housing

AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE AT:  www.BluewaterPhotoStore.com


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