Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens possibly being discontinued

Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens possibly being discontinued

Not good for underwater photographers


I've been hearing rumors that the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens is being discontinued. First from the owner of an underwater camera shop, then someone posted the same info as a comment on my website, saying a camera shop told them in was being discontinued.


And then I saw it mentioned on Wetpixel, well that was by the same guy who left a comment on my website, so that is double-counting. CNET has it on their web site as discontinued.


If this is true, it would be a shame. It's my favorite fisheye lens for underwater photography, and I'm sure that is true for many people. In fact, I'd say it's the most popular wide-angle lens for underwater photography with dSLR shooters. 


If you were thinking of buying one, I'd snap one up. If I hear more information I'll update this post. I haven't heard if there is a possible replacement. As of now, I'd still consider this just a rumor.


Update Jan 2009: well it looks like this may not yet be "official", just rumors swirling around at Tokina that some lenses may be discontinued soon, and the 10-17mm fisheye may be one of them.


Update Feb 2009: Many people have reported trouble finding this lens in stock, not a good sign!


Update Feb 20th, 2009: Canon-mount versions are nowhere to be found in the USA! I still see a couple Nikon mount versions available.


Update Feb 22nd, 2009: I discussed the lens with the staff at the PMA Show Tokina booth. They assured me the lens was not discontinued, but the Canon mount did have serious production issues, and they will contact me when they are resolved. There is no timeframe for when new canon-mount lenses will ship.


Update March 1st, 2009: I spoke with a camera store "insider", who thinks that Tokina has managed to get enough of lens sold to continue production, which is why you are seeing the Canon mount lenses appear for sale again. Well that's good news for underwater photographers!


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