November News Roundup

A roundup of underwater photography news from November
By Travis Ball


November Equipment News Roundup

by Travis Ball

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Best of ShowLAUPS international photo contest winners announced

The Los Angeles Underwater Photography Society announced the winners of their 2012 International Photo Contest.  With over 500 entries from over 20 countries, the 50th annual (that's right, 50 years) photo competition was a huge success.  Check out the winners of all 9 categories on the LAUPS website.


IWUPC Logo Indonesia photo  contest, $200,000 in prizes!

One of the biggest announcements made at DEMA this year was the announcement of the  IWUPC 2013, or Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest. Sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism in Indonesia, this contest is being touted as "the largest, the longest and the most prestigious contest in the world".

For full details on the contest, read all about it here.

Nauticam 1DX HousingNauticam Canon 1DX housing announced

Natuicam has announced the NA-1DX, their new housing for the Canon 1DX and 1DC.  With their easy and secure latching system, port locking lever system and superb interchangable view finders, Nauitcam has stayed true to their focus on erganomics and exceptional design.


Nauticam Sony NEX-5R housing coming soon

The NEX-5R housing from Nauticam is basically the same as the NEX-5n housing. Same small size, that fits the camera perfectly, with tilted LCD inside the housing for the best angle of view. Nauticam includes a dial to match the new control dial on the camera, and of course all camera controls are accessible. Buy the Nauticam Sony NEX-5R housing now.


Sea and Sea T4i HousingSea & Sea RDX-650D, T4i now shipping! 

The T4i housing is going to be roughly the same as the T3i except supporting the T4i Camera.  The housing is now available for pre-order for $1,499.99 and works amazingly sell with the VF180 1.2x prism viewfinder which is recommended for users committed to strict composition and focusing.



Olympus EPL-5Olympus E-PL5 housing coming mid-December

The Olympus E-PL5 housing is the same as all previous PEN housings, but with no lights.  The Port will fit the 60mm macro lens and is expect in mid december for only $746.99.

This housing is a great value for the price and we expect this setup to be very popular because the EPL-5 is such a great camera.  Having the same sensor as the OMD means you'll be capturing some great images.


Water WizardAquatica water wizard housing announced

Aquatica recently announced a new housing for the Pocket Wizard Plus III.  For those that don't know, the Pocket Wizard is a device used to trigger flash units from a distance.  This new housing allows you to trigger an external flash top side while having your camera rig under the surface.  Photographers who shoot fashion and portrait in pools have been waiting for just this device to take advantage of their external lighting.


Sola NIGHTSeaSola NIGHTSea light is out

The most powerful fluorescent excitor on the market and the first dual mode design featuring white light.  Start seeing the underwater world in a while new light (pun intended)



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